It’s Already Mid 2017!

Well, this post would be my first post in 2017… and this already in June!

Gosh! What did I do with my life ’till now? Nothin’. I’m NEET* now, I’m cryiingg! (I’ll make sure to not be a shut-in NEET, tho, ’cause these days I already felt that house is the “safest” place. Of course. Yes.)

Many people… well the last person who asked me this question is teacher in my course (and I don’t really like him, shh)… asked me, ‘what would you do in next 6 month?’

Well, if myself is very confident person being, that question is really piece of cake to answer. But me? Well, yes, I had took English course with something in mind. A very ambitious and naive plan I had… cause I haven’t reach the half of minimal score. And my English is not really getting better… *scream*

But nevermind. I CAN.

*sigh* make yourself to be confident is kinda lame *sigh*

Oh, whatever. Let’s moving to next topic.

While I’m not finishing my post about “trip” in Europe, I’m already traveling again with my aunts and uncles to Batam… More homework to me, I guess.

Once, there’s a thought to make a YouTube channel about my traveling… But as I’m thinking more, it’s kinda impossible hard for me. I can’t do editing, moreover video. I don’t have many nor interesting video. And the important one, I’m not confident enough.

Yet. All of it with “yet”.

Oh, well, let’s done one by one. And now is finishing the traveling stories. Wohoo!





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