A Little Thing What I Felt about EU.

So, a few days ago… well not really, wow, this is Dec 13th, so this is exactly one month since my first amazingly trip to Europe!

So happy!

At first, I want directly write what I did, what I saw, what I felt in there. But, the way from Istanbul to Jakarta, my body get down. I felt sick. And then the jet lag. And the stress cause the long waited this trip (I wait almost one year for this) has ended and now–indirectly–my parents want me to really take the next step; get a job or continue my studies.

But, oh well, let’s we just get the little Europe stories!

November 13, 2016.

We depart from Jakarta, Indonesia to Schiphol, Amsterdam–through Istanbul, Turkey.

Well, I like everything matters related to aviation–including the airport. And Schiphol is really a big airport! Although I didn’t managed to take a look everything in there. Likewise Istanbul Ataturk Havalimani!

November 14, 2016.

We arrived at morning and we straight to Volendam, and we have brunch in there. And then back again to our hotel in Ibis, close to Schiphol… I know. Such a… Oh well. But that is at night we checked in.

Volendam is a small city in rim of Netherlands. In there we ate at small restaurant which the food is pretty nice for the first food I ate in there. Like a fish stew? Idk, but it nice.

((to be continued))


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