“Keraskan Dirimu, Sebelum Kau di Keraskan Dunia”

That’s what my college friend told me.

Maksudnya adalah, kau harus berusaha dengan keras sebelum dunia memaksamu untuk berusaha.

Kau tahu, kau tidak suka bila ada seseorang yang memaksamu atau bahkan memerintahmu.

So do I.

When they not someone you’re respect nor someone who doesn’t have status above you, it always made me rebel.

(Am I a kid *palmface)

My friend called me a few minutes ago. He’s working now as a banker. And when I still didn’t have formal job yet, he’s really consider about it (it looks like that; and NO, there’s no romance between us, he’s so similar with me so it usually made me annoyed of him) and he’s telling me that I have get back on track (read: job hunter status) and make myself really trying to get myself a proper job.

I guess that’s what he’s mean.

But, as I told you in previous notes, that I still have much thought in me. You know…

If you read it (and you can understand what I mean with my poor grammar) and willing to give a minutes of your time, please kindly give me some opinion or just what you thinking; should I forget about going to Europe (and ‘release’ my Dad from defray me) or get any job (and get out from being a cashier)?




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