It’s 2016!

So, here I’am again… Back to write something unimportant thought in my blog.

And it’s March!

The last I wrote in here is two years ago, about losing our beloved grandma.

And since then, I’ve graduated from Sociology department, UNPAD at April 28, 2015. Made it on time–or less, three years 4 month–approximately.

Well, but since graduation on August, I didn’t get any activities… *don’t look at my belly!
Yep, I graduated with my second Bro… Just don’t ask any further, teehee.

But, well, I don’t know if my activities right now can told ‘working’.

Cashier. I ‘work’ on that, on some publishing near my house. And since semester 5, I sold novels, so it made me easier (and harder) to continue with that online novel shop (you can check @asafiction on instagram, thank you ;))

You already know that I’m a book–novel lover, addict, etc. And there’s meme around booklover that we want getting paid by just reading. And I did it.

Became a cashier, which doesn’t have customers all the time, I have plenty times to read. It’s nice, right? But on the other hand, after three months in there, I get tired reading. I know, I know what you guys would says, but imagine it; so much time, a whole days I read one novel by one novels. Eventually, no matter I love to read, it will get tired of me.

And I have so much thinking these days. About continuing became a cashier (well, I’m bachelor afterall, there’s additional title after my last name), getting some formal job, no, I think I’ll hold ‘job hunter’ status ’till I came back from Europe (amiinn, I hope there’s no any hitch until then and back).

Everytime I think about these things, I always get exhaled.

But, keep positive, Non! Bismillah.

(as if I’m so agamais, teehee)


A.P.S. Non.


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