Amazing Thailand!

I have amazing experience for this holiday. yeay!

it’s called “11th International Thai Culture Camp” in Sri Chang Island, Thailand.

can you believe it? I? go to overseas? and a international camp? especially we have to speak only with English?

well, trust me (it works)


well, what I do there?

I have the schedule here, but… well, in there, the participants from all countries would have room mate, group mate. and after all the activities for the day, we have to wrote in a book (which is they–the staff–give us a Chulalongkorn University book, what we learn, what we felt in that day. It’s like diary.

and I just wrote the diary in here, ok, day by day.

#Day 1 (10 Jan 2013)

I’m so happy about this holiday.

This is my first time going overseas, to Singapore (for transit) and Thailand.

I met many people in here, which is mayority by Thai. Thai persons is so nice and crazy!

And after we landed in Kho Sri Chang, we immediately planning the games (to know each other).

We all shared many games from various country.

There’s so many games; about fruits, numbers and many others.

We all have fun and laugh!

I feel challenging in here, ’cause we want or not, we have [to] speak [E]nglish which is I [am not] really good [at] (because my word of [E]nglish is so little) and I have to really pay attention to anyone who speak[s] so I can understand what they said.

yeah, I know. My English is really bad. so after we finished the diary we have to showed it to the supervisor (the group 4 is by Howard or Santa by his white beard from, hm, I forgot England I thought) and he correcting my writing. the [] is correction by him. and he said: This is good English and very understandable. Very good. and he ended it with his sign.

#Day 2 (11 Jan 2013)

This day is full of activities. I think this day was the main of this camp. Actually we have to woke up at 6.30 (AM) but I‘m over slept so I miss the yoga. Whereas (I see the dictionary ahahaha) I really, really want to join that yoga, because I never had [have] before and I really want to try it.

Then we had a cooking session. And our group made Thai and Indonesian food. After all of the groups finished we have special guest from Chula University. About the food? Absolutely it’s delicious, because it [is] our cooking.

After that we have to perform by country. And I love all the performances! They have dance, sing so nice and great. And I really had fun when I (Indonesian) performed.

and Howard said, very good information, and English very good with very few changes needed. with his graph.

#Day 3 (12 Jan 2013)

Ah, this is the last day.

just that. It was what I wrote in Thailand. Even the other group is still with this activity (wrote the diary and got the correction from the supervisor), but my group (group 4) not doing that for the last day. Kinda sad, actually.

But after I arrive at home, and the next day, I wrote what I felt for the last time in there for I do not forget about the last day. So… here it’s…

14 Jan 2013, in Home, Bandung, Indonesia

That was a amazing memories in there!

Well, in the last day, I and Indonesian people going to the beach (in the morning), took a photo, walking around and after breakfast we all going to the village and looked around.

This was my first time used Tuk Tuk (I don’t know how to write it. It is like angkot in Indonesia). lol.

Then each group prepared for the perform.

After dinner we’re perform! and my group (group 4) is on seventh to perform. Ah I don’t know what people think. And wait it on youtube! lol.

But one friend (Oui or on FB is Emmi …) said to me that my voice is big ’cause it from diafragma (?) and she said that I can sing and dance. Wow that is so much to me (I danced when I played games).

We shared souvenir, took many photos, sing along night with Thai’s people, Chinesse, Mexico, Germany, Brunei, Japan (but she going to sleep first) and us, Indonesian!

Ah, that was really a great experience!

I want to go there again!


P.S. In there, there was Thai, Chinesse, Germany, Mexico, Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia (of course) and many more!

of course, because our group is not checking by my supervisor, Howard, I don’t have correction (maybe you can correction that? :))

and the fourth day, after we breakfast we going to the port which is go to the airport and go to Jakarta, Indonesia. So I don’t bought much souvenir from Thai. Too sad. But I have enough for my family and me ehehehe…




that’s all the participants, staff, and supervisor. Up: close the beach. Down: in meeting room where we all perform and meeting in there.Image

Indonesian with Thailand (glasses down), Singapore (glasses standing), Brunei (just the head -.-) lol



and that is Indonesian person who participate this camp this year. From left: Frinsoni B. N. or Kak Soni (semester 5, Unpad), S. Nurmalasari or Kak Mala (semester 5, Unpad), Aulia Z. Q. or Zaqi (semester 1, Maranatha), A. P. or me (blue shirt, semester 3, Unpad), Mikail D. or Mika (SMAN 5, 2nd year), P. Ilham (semester 1, ITB), Eggy or Kak Egi (semester 7, Unpad) and Rifky G. or Kak Rifki (with glasses, semester 5, Unpad).

well, I felt enjoy with them even I just know them by 2 or 3 days (when we practice for the county performance) before we go to Thailand. I can tell I prefer enjoy with them than …. *shhhh*


Actually, this camp is not public announcement, but this program I know it from word of mouth and the staff won’t make it public announcement, so in the end, she said that we–who participants–is a special person that can take this international program. And that make me proud. I, who never follow any international program, camp, or whatever, very happy with what she said.

weelll, we can say, that we are planning to go to 5 countries (I forgot what countries it is) and I just hope it’s not just in talk, we have to do something to make it happen!

and I think, we all in same thinking to go to Thailand again next year. I hope I can more interest with that plan (to Thailand, I mean) next year.

Well, regards, from Thailand!

P.S. this program is based by Chulalongkorn University, Department of Thai Music, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. and you can find photos (like so important to you ahahaha) in Absolutely Thai with album The 11th International Thai Culture Camp Vol. 1 (628 photos) and The 11th International Thai Culture Camp Vol. 2 (888 photos) 🙂

P.S.S. I forgot, my story when transit in Singapore (experience from Thai is so great even this transit is forgotten) well, Indonesian transit in Singapore from about 10 o’clock until about hm 6 pm, I think. So we have about 5 hour to walking around in Singapore. The point is, I found peacock necklace! yeaay! I bought 4 necklace and one is for my friend.

oh P.S.S.S Image

well, that is souvenir that I got from friends in there. from Best, Got, Meen, Sajee (she is my first Thai friend and I like her she is cute ><), Big, oh and one more from Te (but it looked like I didn’t photo it) and three other is from the camp, yeah like souvenir ahahaha. Thank you so much guys…


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