RED, is Loving Him.

maybe, you all have a new album from Taylor Swift, called RED? yeah, I bet you all have heard about it, minimal.

that album is release this year, 2012 on October 22nd. I have (like you all) heard the songs, and (like you all) falling for this album! the lyrics, the instruments, the featuring, the music video (for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Begin Again) all of this album, I really love it. Β Aandd, Swift get Certified VEVO 100 Million for video views! man, it was just so amazing, right! so, Swift will held RED Tour. ah it will be waited on 2013!

I heard about Swift will come to Indonesia (in Red Tour) but it said it was hoax. but, Archuleta has been to here, to Indonesia, why Swift won’t come here? well, I really hope Swift can come, so we will sing the RED songs together (from far away definitely) ahahaha

But, the sad part is, I don’t have the CD. it was expensive for me (I don’t have any savings) 😦 but, I think I will keep buy, later πŸ™‚ oh oh, and there’s wristband RED! I really want it and in process πŸ˜€

here’s the songs: πŸ˜€

1. Red

2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

3. Treacherous

4. Begin Again

5. All Too Well

6. 22

7. I Almost Do

8. State of Grace

9. Stay Stay Stay

10. The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody)

11. Holy Ground

12. Sad Beautiful Tragic

13. The Lucky One

14. Everything has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran)

15. Starlight

16. I Knew You Are Trouble

17. The Moment I Knew

18. Come Back… Be Here

19. Girl at Home

yeah, so far, I know there’s 19th songs in this album. for the lyrics you can click here πŸ™‚

oh yeah, and Swift was honored as Woman of the Year at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards! Congrats!


“… But Loving Him was Red…”


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