Until Last Year, Keep Your Spirit Up, Non!

Well, it’s been along time (no, it’s not lyric of Maroon 5’s song) since I wrote in here. so many activities in this time; progress (welcoming for Mahasiswa Baru) and processing for LPJ (and it finish two hours ago, this night), coursework, and finishing novels. ahahaha…

and I think, many coursework later. (yeah, of course)

many financial outlay; for college affairs, holiday in January (if I were to go), and to camp in Thailand in January 10th-13th (if I were to go too).

many things I think; back into Presidium in December BUT it will attended by Mahasiswa Baru 2012 too! man, it was (too much) pressure to me!, making stories, reading a novels and buy a novels (yeah, that is I think about too, no time for that actually, but I will sempatin), and the things that will come to me at time goes by.

well, what I have to prepare is: PRAY, keep TRYING, and always full of SPIRIT and SMILE. 🙂

Ganbatte, Non!

P.S. well, I need one more thing, I need laugh, I need somebody who can hear my stories. I don’t need someone who will pity me when I’m sad, but I really need–minimal just one person–who will cheering me up when I’m in terrible feeling, just saying “Semangat ya”, and I will do–anything–again with (well) half spirit! yeah, until that (although a few friends of mine has do that for me, and I’m really thanks to them) I keep spiriting myself. tee hee.

so poor of me, right?


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