Month of Fasting Habit

August 19th 2012 is the day of victory for moslem!

yeah, this is today!

let me say this first:



Last month, moslem did fasting before we sholat ied. And in Indonesia (I don’t know about others) there’s habit in society which is Buka Shaum Bersama (bukber).

And I as one of that society followed that habit. From Bukber with friends from high school, middle school, until kindergarten. Yeah! Al-Amin kindergarten is first bukber this year (I also surprise heard that they want to held this event. Even there’s only less than 15 person, but I happy that I can saw them again 😀

too bad, that my grade school not held this bukber this year (yeah, it is, too hard to communicate with others). Then just me and my best friends from grade school who bukber. We walking around (far away) to finally found cafe I suggested, Road Cafe.

And before that, I and my buddy from middle school (second grade) met at mall to bukber.





for the third grade (one person who captured it),
Then, me and high school friends from first grade (one person who captured it), So when I met with friends from second and third grade, well that person is who closer with me than anyone in second and third grade. And there’s still many friends who came at that bukber, but it’s difficult to captured all of people when the place is not supporting.

Actually bukber with friends from university (just my Sociology) held this event too coincide with hima’s inauguration committee but when we eating, there’s no photo.

And my family too held bukber, there’s only me and my cousin and in mine, I don’t have picture which is captured all my family.

Well then, Happy Iedul Fitri 1433 H 😀

P.S. It’s really sad that one of my lecturer is passed away on August 15. Just four days to this victory’s day. But it what Allah want. I’m sure that is the best for him, that Allah have a better plan for his family. He is my dad’s friend too. Once, I and my dad visited him at hospital, then I meet him at college, looks more thin and more healtier. But one day before he died, my dad told my mom that he was difficult to talk (and my friends told me when he visited him at his house, his speaks was difficult to understand). This tidings is really shock us.


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