New Experience

have I told you about my new activity? hmm no? ‘k…

my tasks. well, I quiet busy with my college task. but that’s not new experience for me.

I learn violin!


I’ve like to learn violin since junior high school, but I don’t know why I’m not try that time. but, when January 2012, I learn this instrument.

and the end of March, my course held mini concert classic. that’s my first concert! and I was really nervous, my hand and foot are shaking. that time I thought my perform was horrible. I don’t think anything about they applause me when first song end. after I played two folksong, my teacher praised me. tell me that I was good (for my level, I think). even when I tell her that she just try to make me happy. but, no, she said, I was good. discordant notes, because my hand was shaking (really, really shaking), she tell me it was normal (for my level, I knew it).

but, I really happy that I courage my self to followed this concert. and my mother–the only one I allowed to came–praised me too. I really happy. and when my dad watched recording my concert, he smile and I know, he happy too watch me played violin. I really happy. 😀

and I assume all praise they give to me is my birthday gift which is two days ago before I performed.

watch my horrible performance here 🙂


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