2nd Shocked.

actually, who shock is not just me.

of course it’s make my mom crying at that time, or everytime she remembered that thing.

are you remember my post about my dad birthday?

read it. and in that post, I hope for my dad’s health, that he never go to hospital to hospitalized again. ever. don’t. please, my God, Allah SWT.

but now he is in city far away from his home (where there’s me and my brothers waiting mom and dad now). he’s hospitalized. and it’s worst from back then when he’s hospitalized for the first time.

RIGHT NOW, he’s better in that hospital city.

my mom who just go to see my dad this morning (November, 23), she said they don’t know when they would back home. I know, my dad must be in great condition to can back here, it’s said from his doctor.

we’ll wait patiently so my dad will fine when meet us again 😀

(but for this second, I really want to meet my parents. really bad. but if I make a call to them, I know, I will crying. *sekarang saja aku mataku sudah berair bila mengingat ayahku harus berbaring setiap saat untuk memulihkan jantungnya. mana lagu yang lagi di putar, nadanya cocok banget bikin aku nangis! (charice – as long as you’re there)* Damn! it will make them worried. or I just can texting one of them? I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning :))

but I trust Allah.

Allah know about everything I felt everytime.

Allah know that I’m not ready to losing my dad (or my mom). yet. no. it’s never.

Mbun, Ayah, Nonon really miss you.


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