Strange Feeling After The Concert

the date of July, 16 2011 is left. not yet a week, i had missed to my idol.

the date of July, 16 2011 is so phenomenal for me, which is i can met David Archuleta and that is my first time to go to a concert.

i met my idols–and not. i met Nidji, Afgan (until now, i didn’t think he is my idol, actually), the changcuters, SM*SH (well, sorry by saying this, but they isn’t my idol, totally), J-Rocks (i’m so sorry for them), GAC (Gamaliel, Audrey, Cantika is my bro idol), kotak (my dad is also fans of them), who else? oh yeah, two bands of metal band, i don’t know their name. sorry.

i arrived in the located is a little bit late. three of my cousins is there to celebrated thier birthday (the cake is soo good!).

after checked my (and my cousin) ticket to can come in to the concert field (what the english!), we have to waited sooo loong until night and we become CRAZY! ahahahaha. well, actually is me who really crazy that night. sing a lot of song of that night, had fun of the songs, screaming and singing and a little bit dancing (in my place, because of the crowded) all night long. finnaly, after screamed “DAVID, DAVID, WE WANT DAVID!” all along, David came out to the stage and make us really going crazy! geez. he’s so hot and kind, and cute and and and and *speachless* to make usΒ me really missed his already now. it’s s*ck (sorry, i don’t know how to expresed my feeling except this word -.-)

oh yeah, he is sing a 16 songs of his own songs (but three of that is a cover).

  1. Stomping The Roses
  2. The Other Side of Down (TOSOD)
  3. A Little Too Not Over You
  4. Love Don’t Hate
  5. Everybody Want to Rule the World (Tears for Fears)
  6. Something ‘Bout Love (SBL)
  7. Touch My Hand
  8. My Kind of Perfect
  9. Gotta Get Thru This/Message In A Bottle (Mash-up) (Daniel Bedingfield)
  10. My Hand
  11. Falling Stars
  12. Black Bird
  13. Works for Me
  14. Everything and More
  15. Elevator

for encore:

  1. Zero Gravity
  2. A Thousand Miles
  3. Crush

the list is from this πŸ˜€

and after all of that, the concert is over.

but, wait!

i saw a few people moved to the backstage! i followed them and directly i know where is a tent for Archie and the band. for the simple, i met with Steven who is drummer of David’s band and i ask him to sign my book (it’s Detective Conan comic actually hihi after he sign, he asked me what this book and he spell, “CONAN”, and my answer? yes, it’s my favourite), and i got the sign from the guitarist (i guess?) and after they sign for the other fans (you know? the fans ask them to sign in their hand! so foolish. and Steven (or the guitarist?) tell them, “(yah intinya, kalian kan harus cuci tangan kalian.)”, i guess that Steven and the guitarist a little bit depressed. and after that, i asked them again to sign to my Arch Angels shirt πŸ˜€

in the first, i call Steven and asked him is him can brought my book to David. i forgot what he said after. is “i can sign for you.”? no, no, not that. (or i directly asked him to sign my book?)

it’s done for Steven and guitarist gave us their sign. they move to the their tent (oh yeah, i also got pic with Steven, twice. but so sadly the result is soo bad!)

then, one by one of David’s band came out of their tent and finnaly is David. he waved his hand to us and we screamed again. a little far, he walked by.

then, he ran to us! he ignore his guard to can met us again.

but, soo sadly (again), my stomach is right in guard hand and he prevened me to run to David! πŸ˜₯ i really want to cry! (padahal kalau dia nggak ngalangin pasti aku sudah di pelukannya! #inginnya)

until now, i felt really annoyed of that guard! and i felt–ugh, i don’t know exactly what this feeling. it’s really ‘nyesek‘.

*oh! i really hate this feeling which i felt now when i remembered this moment!)

i got to my cousin home at 2 o’clock am then i take a bath, ate the ‘mie instan’, watch a television–a little bit, then at 3 am we go to the bed.

we woke up by phone in my grandma’s house and the time is 9 am! whereas i have to back to Bandung at 10 am.

well, it’s Indonesia, guys. it’s always late. so poor.

P.S. this is my very first time i wrote post of this blog with english. and i know. it’s really bad, right? yes, i knew it. x'((

P.S.1. oh ya, check this and this, also this. unfortunately, i just found three web that David says thank you in it πŸ™‚


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