it’s a accidental.

i’m very hopeless about my friendship.

this second, i feel like i have nobody, no friends beside me.

even, the stangers ignore me in a social network.

may i have friend in my university?

YES! i will make it true. not just friends, but best friends.

YES, i will.

(gambar diatas itu, saat aku post di tumblr.-ku dan dibawah post-ku yang sudah ada, tau-tau ada gambar “DON’T GIVE UP” itu. it’s so touching me. pas banget dengan keadaanku detik itu. thank you :))


2 thoughts on “Accidental

  1. what’s the matter pal? 😦
    you are my bestfriend, who never change your attitude to me even though the distance has separated us. i try to always beside you when you need me, insyaAllah. just call me when you need a friend 🙂

    1. thank youu soo muuchhh, dear x’D
      yes, i will. but if you need me too, call my name three times and texting me or calling me or anything and i will listen to you xD
      Insya Allah, i’ll always be there for you, dear..

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